Speeches and Workshops

Erin is a gifted speaker who knows how to motivate and inspire. You can select from the topics listed here or contact her to discuss other options. 

Letting Go

The lessons of life -- such as the loss of a job or the loss of loved one -- can actually position you to do greater and better things…if you are listening!

​​Cost to a Community to Not Forgive

The cost of individuals sentenced to jail and prison is more than we know.  This discussion looks through the lens of forgiveness to solve justice system breakdowns in the United States.

​Why Breaking Open Is the Only REAL Option for Change

Becoming a widow and a single mother is only where Erin’s story begins. It is what followed -- where the transformation occurred. Erin breaks down the steps to be able to start your life story when only the ending seems to be in view.

​Collaboration Is More Than Cool, It Is Critical

​How can teams learn to collaborate and heal group divisions with velocity and focus?  How to get teams to work together for a common goal that can be reproducible.

​Having The Courage To Change

​Erin has built a career on coaching individuals through the change process. It takes courage to do it.  This speech can move into a workshop based upon need, from inspiring change,  to breaking down the steps it takes to actually change.

Other Topics:

  • ​Trusting YOUR Intuition - Your Guiding Inner Voice is Screaming out at You…Are You Listening?
  • Engaging Staff to Fully Participate and “Get On The Bus”
  • Who Is On Your Team? Creating and Keeping Powerful Teams
  • Intuition - How to Hear It and Use It to Guide You
  • Strategic Planning