Erin's Bio
 Erin has spent the last 12 years of consultant work with extensive one-on-one, group, and corporate coaching and training. She specializes in skill building and communication, organizational and personal development, and community organizational collaboration.
She designs professional workshops and presentations to maximize individual and corporate success.  

Erin turned the story of the tragic death of her husband of 15 years into a way to actively help others do what she has done in the past 7 months, to allow the loss to break her open rather than break her down.  Erin has spoken to thousands already of her story and her courage to make a life built on joy and forgiveness, while trusting her intuition and grace.  Erin’s loss is not uncommon. Her journey, however, is. And her ability to to speak and inspire others to break open and reach for joy is a rare gift everyone interested in creating a powerful life and career should have the opportunity to hear.