Magic, Miracles and Manifestation, Oh my!
by Erin Prewitt on July 6th, 2015

I am excited to share that my business has expanded!  Thanks in part to my amazing clients, supportive family and friends and some key opportunity projects that have come my way.  As my business has grown I feel like it is time for me to deal with some very old, yucky, and frustrating thought patterns once and for all!  One thought pattern that has continued to rear its ugly head is my fear of money, and more specifically, the fear of not having enough money.  As I dove into this thought pattern, I noticed (for as long as I can remember) that I have had this consistent worry that I will run out of money and/or never have enough.  I believe that many of you can relate to this angst, and likely carry this same fear.  The reason I wanted to explore this fear and figure out a way to release it is because this past year I have made a promise to myself that I would be someone who is trusting and open to magic and miracles.  After Chris died, I knew I only had two options. One was to be crippled by my fears, not having enough money, being a single parent, being alone and single, and making mistakes.  Or I could be someone who learned to release fear and doubt, master trust, and create a life of abundance, which includes financial security.  You know, the funny thing is, I have always worried about money whether I have had lots of it or very little. This tells me that it is not the “having of money” that makes a difference, but the experience of it.  No matter what my bank account shows I have carried this worry that I will never have enough.  I know this is a reasonable fear, however, I also am aware that the problem for me is when I let fear dominate my thoughts it then begins to dictate my actions.  When my actions are dictated by fear and doubt, magic and miracles do not happen in my life.  It is just that simple.  I know when I can get myself where I am able to stand in a place of trust, when I am feeling, trusting, my actions follow suit and crazy, cool things happen in my life.

So now my challenge is to let go of this thought pattern which is keeping me from what I want; the feeling of trust and the manifestation of magic around my financial security!  Breathing was the very first thing I did to respond to these scared thoughts.  I mean I really breathe!  I take deep belly breaths where my tummy extends out like an expanding balloon on my inhales (fyi I am often alone doing this so I have no fear of people seeing how far out my belly can go!) and long, slow exhales.  Next I tap into appreciation.  Amazing, wise teachers have shared for years how gratitude can swiftly bring us to loving space and I have found that it to be true over and over again.  Finally, for me, I like to find something inspiring.  Two places I go all the time for inspiration are TED talks and my Facebook feed.  Both are packed full of incredibly inspiring individuals.  Some of my favorites are author’s Denise Linn, Eckhart Tolle.  I love blogs from A Mighty Girl, Simon Sinek, Amy Poehler’s Smart Girl Blog and handful of friends and community members who I think have profound views of the world.  I do all this to help me reset and focus on a life I want to create.  These practices help me reconnect with what I know for sure; that is, if I can find peace and happiness this past year I can sure as hell find financial security! 

I am interested in creating magic, and miracles that manifest a life I love and adore, including finical security.   
My recipe to manifesting magic and miracles is,
Breathe (big belly balloon breaths!)
Find and speak gratitude
Get inspired

Life is going to throw me curve balls.  I feel qualified to say this since it already has.  For me waiting in fear of those types of pitches does not make me more likely to hit the ball.  I choose to face those life pitches with a clear and hopeful mind each and every time!

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Kathleen - July 8th, 2015 at 2:13 AM
Erin, thank you for having the courage to share about one of the most intimate subjects known to humans. Most of us have a relationship with money that we'd like to change, even fix, if we could. Have you read the book " The Soul of Money" by Lynne Twist? She was my coach and mentor. Lynne also founded The Soul of Money Institute. You might be inspired to embrace money in a way you may have not thought of until writing about it. %u2728%uD83D%uDE18%u2728
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