Never Too Late...Creating 2015!
by Erin Prewitt on March 2nd, 2015

New Year’s Resolutions:
Try Creating “The Being” First
I am trying to wrap my head around the idea that 2014 is over.  I can’t be the only one that is struggling to believe we are already in March of 2015?!  I feel like I blinked and the New Year arrived, yet I know that 2014 was long enough for me to have had many evolutionary moments, which I will share with you in upcoming blogs.  My reflections will be both past and present, and more importantly, the future person I hope to become. There is nothing like losing your loving husband to make you really look at who you are and who you want to become, and I have taken great strides with my own journey of self-evolution. I want to share this process with all of you; share from a place of truth and candor.  It is my commitment to keep my words with you raw and authentic because that is who I really am.  This past year I have apologized less for sharing the real me, while at the same time worked really hard at becoming the best real me I can be. Through this blog, I will share my lessons, my truth, my losses, my joys, my gains…my life.
So here I am, looking at 2015 and thinking, "What am I going to create?"  Chris, my husband who was killed while training for a marathon, and I would spend an evening each year around the New Year and talk about what we wanted for the coming year.  Chris, the man of many lists, loved to organize them into categories.  We normally had eight categories; there was work, home, travel, hobbies, family, friends, us as a couple and Izzy, our 8 year old daughter.  

Work - Both Chris and I were very driven people who would have tons written down in accomplishments for work, always wanting to produce and perform at higher and higher levels.  

Home, Travel. Hobbies, Family, Friends - When it came to hobbies, travel, and friends/family we focused on how to balance our schedules to get more quality time in those areas.  

Izzy - For Izzy, our focus was on how to support her with her own growth. The whole time guiding her to be the best child she could be...secretly thinking, the best child we can "influence".  

Our Relationship - When Chris and I would look at our relationship we shifted the tone a bit. Of course, we would do the practical things like planning alone time together, but we also created who we wanted to "be" in our relationship.  Chris and I knew that our attitudes, and who we were "being" was critical to creating a powerful new year in our relationship.  For me being was how I approached our relationship, who Chris could count on me as his partner.  Often times try to explain what “being” is, since it is not an action it is rather the space you hold for yourself and others.  For an example many of us can walk in a room a get a sense of who people are being, like the gentleman in the corner is being standoffish or the woman sitting on the couch is being inviting.  These people did not do anything, but the energy (their “beingness”) is apparent to others.  I give credit for this type of philosophy to Landmark Education, courses that Chris and I felt were secret weapons to the success of our marriage and life …I guess it's not a secret anymore!  As we grew older and more experienced, we learned that the key to successfully realizing our goals was to create and share who we planned on being, energy we were giving off to people around us.  
Now, as I head into 2015 without Chris, I wonder, “Erin, who do you want to be in 2015?"  "What goals do you hope to accomplish where you need to shift your attitude?"  "Who do you need to be without Chris at your side?” Because I am focusing on being the real me, this year I sat in meditation, outside in the wonderful, warming sun and asked myself these questions. Oh, FYI this is not how Chris and I did it.  He was a fan of the “war room” concept of planning and designing.  I on the other hand am finding I enjoy connecting with nature and quieting the world around me so I can hear my own inner voice...the real me.
So as I sat there, creating the New Year, in a new way.  This is what I came up with:
In 2015, “I will trust myself.”  
Before you judge because it sounds kind of goofy, let me share what this means.  I want to treat myself and my dreams with a sacredness and trust.  I want to know that I have within me, what it takes to accomplish my dreams, not because I am a hard worker or it is finally my turn, but because it is my birth right.  I deserve to have a life full of dreams that come true.  As I learn to trust my feelings, thought and instincts, I know I will fall in love with my laugh, honor my tears, celebrate my dance moves, and trust my voice.  For 2015, I am generating myself as a woman, mother, professional and widow who boldly and bravely trusts her own decisions and faith in the woman she is becoming.
  • Who do you want to be in 2015?
  • What part of your view of life, or maybe even of yourself no longer supports your New Year resolutions for 2015?  
  • I invite you to start with who you are being...your feelings and thoughts
  • I would love, love for you to share on this blog, and then assemble your New Year resolution or goal list.   
I challenge you to "war room" it like Chris, or go out in nature like me.  Or better yet, come up with your own perfect space for creating your 2015.  The beginning of the year is a wonderful time to review the past and conjure up the future...here we go!

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